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Table Type Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine

Conventional/NC controlled Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine

The headstcck has three concentric spindles. The outer sindle is hollow. At its front end its fitted the facing head. It runs in a taper bore bronze bearing. The correspondence portion of the spindle has a matching taper. The running radial clearance is obtained by axial adjustment cf the spindle. Inside this hollow spindle is a sleeve mounted on class P5 machine tool double rowm roller bearing. The bering spindle passes through this sleeve. The drive to the o#boring spindle is through akey fitted in the sleeve, which engages with a keyway along the entire length of the boring spindle to rotate and also travel Axially in the sleeve.

Table Type Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine

  • WMW New Bharat BFT 80
  • New Bharat BFT 110 NC

Technical Specification

Diameter of work spindle 80
Work spindle movement 710
Max. Diameter-boring 450
Max. Diameter-faci ng 800
Spindle nose taper (Morse) MT 5
Rotary table clamping surface 900 x 1120
Max. Distance of fixed stay bearing form facing head 2240
Table movement-longitudinal (with stay) 1250
Table movement-crossw ise 1000
Max height of spindle center over table 900
Max. Weight of workpiece 2000 kg
Rotary table - T-slot width I distance 22/125
Rotary table centering diameter 90H7
Facing head diameter 500
Facing slide travel 200
Facing head-T-slot width/distance 18/300
Facing head centering diameter 250H7
Facing slide-T-slots width/distanc 12/125
Fixed stay bearing bore diameter 100H7
(80 H7 with bush)
Fixed stay bearing length 120
Spindle speed :
Range I for spindle and 6 steps
Facing head 2.8 to 16 r.p.m.
Range II for spindle and 6 steps
Facing head 22.4 TO 125 r.p.m.
Range III for spindle 6 steps
180 to 1000 r.p.m.
Rapid idle traverse per minute identically to all
movements except radial slide of facing head 1400
Rapid traverse per minute of radial slide 280
Feed valves for work spindle headstock and table
For all movements: (mm/rev.)
Speed range I 36 steps
0.15 to 40
Speed range II 36 steps
0.2 to 5.45
Speed range Ill 36 steps
(For spindle only) 0.0025 to 0.68
Feed er minute 36 steps
(Independent of spindle speed 2.17 to 580
Feed values for radial sllde of facing head
(A) II range (mm/rev.) 72 steps
0.0042 to 8.2
(B) feed per minute 36 steps
0.44 to113
Metric threads cutting (with spindle or 0.25-0.3-0.5-0.6
Longitudinal trvel of table) 0.75-1-1.125-1.5-2-2.5-3
lnche thread cutting :(TPI) 48-40-32-24-20
(With spindle feed only) 16-12-10-8-6-5-4-3
Total power : KW 5.5
Net. Weight approx 7500 kg
With Standard equipment)
Space requirements: Meters (L x W x H) 5 x 2.5 x 2.6
Spindle Diameter 100 mm
Table Cross Traverse (X Axis) 1600 mm
Table Longitudinal Traverse (Z Axis) 1250 mm
Head Stock Vertical Traverse (Y Axis) 1000 mm
Spindle Traverse 700 mm
Spindle Power 11 KW
Spindle Nose BT 40
Spindle Speed Variable 5 to 1000 RPM
Facing Head Diameter 500 mm
Facing Slide Traverse (U Axis) 200 mm
Facing Head Speed Variable 5 to 180 RPM
Facing Slide T Slot Width / Distance 12 / 125 mm
Maximum Boring Diameter 450 mm
Maximum Facing Diameter 800 mm
Rotary Table (B Axis) 360°
Table Size 1200 x 1200 mm
Maximum Weight on Table 2500 KG
Number of T Slot / Pitch / Size 9 / 125 mm / 22 H8
Feed 0 to 4000 mm / Min.
Rapid 4000 mm / Min.
Weight 8500 KG
Space Requirement (in meters) 6 x 3.5 x 3

Standard Accessories

  • Rotary table
  • Precision dial gauge for positioning rotary table at 4x90 degrees
  • Facing head with facing slide, tool support, tool holding block piece and limit switch to prevent over travel of facing slide.
  • Boring stay complete with guide bush for 80 mm boring bar.
  • Metric and English thread cutting arrangement.
  • Swivelling pendant control panel.
  • Co-ordinate reading arrangement with scales, vemiers and magnifying glasses (to read least count of 0.1 mm) for :
    Head stock vertical travel
    Table cross traverse
    Vertical travel of boring bar say
    Facing slide
    Spindle longitudinal travel
  • Scale and verier (with least count of 0.1 mm) for longitudinal travel of table
  • Safety hand crank
  • Locking device for tools/boring baron spindle
  • Oil gun
  • Set ofspanners and allenkeys
  • Instruction manual & parts manual
  • Compete electrical equipments suitable for 440 V 3 phase, 50 cycle, AC supply

Optional Accessories

  • Motorised Boring Stay Complete with Guide Bush for 80 mm Boring Bar
  • Cross Travel of 2000 mm in lieu of standard 1000 mm
  • Vertical Travel of 1200 mm in lieu of standard 1000 mm
  • Coolant Equipment
  • Spindle Guide Support
  • Boring Bar 80 X 1600 mm with holes BT – 40
  • Boring Bar 80 X 2200 mm with holes BT – 40

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